A glimpse of some of my sculptures

If you have the patience to scroll down the page, you’ll find various examples of my sculptures which give an overview of the sort of work I am currently producing.  Wherever possible, I prefer to work with recycled materials.  All the outdoor sculptures are coated with my own weather-proofing formula.


Clevedon’s Little Mermaid


The mermaid has been donated to Marlens, the charity behind the restoration, management and further improvement of Clevedon Marine Lake.  She is also taking part in the ‘Light up The Lake’ celebrations when Marlens and The Pier host a thank you event to shine a light on the invaluable support the Heritage Lottery Fund has given to developing and improving two of Clevedon’s historic seafront attractions.  

Clevedon is just south of Bristol, and for those of you living nearby who would like to get involved in improving the seafront, contact info@marlens.org.uk

Photo by Gerry Fox Photography


Here are some I made earlier!

Globe is 2 m diameter made with 6mm rod and covered in copper taken from old water tanks. It is on a private estate on Dartmoor.


Lizard climbing wall next to my spider web gate
Made for the Mare and Foal Sanctuary




My entrance gates
Garden gates inspired by Gaudi



Made with recycled materials, and clad in ferro cement
NELLIE, made with recycled materials, and clad in ferro cement.  She packed her trunk and went to live with her new owner in Paignton.
HERON, sculptured with UPVC, on the garden pond
SEAL – was exhibited at the Mythic garden in Chagford, butnow sold
D N A (sold)
Dancing couple
Dancing couple (sold)
This sculpture is about 3 metres high made from recycled insulation materials and has a bearing in its centre allowing it to turn in the wind. It is on a private estate on Dartmoor.
Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve – these are made from layered recycled plywood and finished with yacht varnish.  They are sold.
tree leopard
This Leopard is made from layered plywood. Now in private ownership in Somerset.  It is the first one I made.  I now do similar in mixed media covered in ferro cement.
Stork Handrail
This handrail I made for my own garden steps
This Helix is one of a number I have made.  It is made from layered plywood and hangs on nylon allowing it to rotate
Swan made from mixed media and painted with masonry paint
big cat drinking
Big cat made from layered plywood